in the 'hood...

  • Cazadero Music Camp - let your child's and your spirit free -  established in 1955

  • Raymond's Bakery, across from music camp.

  • Unique micro downtown Cazadero, with grocery store/sandwich shop for hungry locals, tourists and bicycle riders.

  • Training grounds for world-class bicycle racers as well as for amateur events, tackling the hilly challenges of King Ridge Rd, Fort Ross Rd and Hwy 1 beyond.

  • Austin Creek - access to its pebbled beaches across the driveway and to the right, down the embankment.

  • Cazadero Supply - The ultimate hardware/automotive shop/building supply country store, resource and lore providers with deep family roots in Cazadero. Doing business on family owned property Since 1886 In business since 1974

  • Berry's Mill and Lumberyard - The story of Berry's Mill and Lumberyard begins in 1941

  • Cazadero Volunteer Fire Department - 4350 Cazadero is around the corner from this local Cal Fire station and is served by the amazing group of the Cazadero Volunteer Fire Department.

  • Royaneh Boy Scout Camp - around the corner from 4350 Cazadero

  • Willy's America - a spectacular array of Willys American Jeep Restorations, Sales, Jeep Parts 

  • Wonderful neighbors (just don't use any nail guns) and local, shared and inexpensive water supply.

  • The soulful winter rains keep everything green, cool and less fire prone.

Easy access to:

So many roads, trails and open space to be explored!